Customizable Services

Throw Like a Woman amplifies voices to provide trajectory through needed, accessible, affordable & accountable services.


TLAW has remote services options, use TLAW from any location.

From virtual events to marketing, our nonprofit and management services integrate remote and virtual options, which transform virtual plans into institutional solutions. TLAW has remote options to fit your organizational needs today and to plan for the future. Let’s plan together

Data & Process

TLAW understands analytics, target audiences, the market and the unique needs of an organization, which enables a custom plan that increases reach and moves forward key priorities. We create a balanced portrait, describing an organization’s story in metrics and in writing.


Cause Marketing & Communications

TLAW utilizes marketing techniques to forward your mission. Our marketing process supports creating partnerships between changemakers and social sector organizations that are alligned by mission or region. After understanding or establishing objectives, TLAW Utilize Multiple Channels share your organization’s story and engage key targets.

Analytics & Tactics

TLAW focuses on tactical planning to assess priorities and implement  objectives. The TLAW Team is trained to understand and analyze data. We facilitate plans by analyzing data points and create processes that maximize impact.


Board & Volunteer

Board and leadership development, resource planning, performance management, recruitment and onboarding enable nonprofits to function effectively to fulfill their desired social impact objectives.



TLAW has years of planning experience that engage strategic partners and stakeholders to establish proper processes. We create a vision for the direction of the organization by increasing collaborative relationships, reach, good governance, boards, leadership, tactics, strategy, communications and development efforts that integrate operations and further the mission an organization.


Understanding coaching, human management capital and leadership development models, TLAW employs volunteer recruitment, retention and board strategies that involve a range of tactics to improve and build the capacity of an organization.


At TLAW, we use a thoughtful approach to mission and organizational vision, engaging a creative process to maximize awareness and potential reach and priorities. TLAW Works on a sliding scale for need services within an existing line-item budget to build needed resources by joining an organization to increase impact & build capacity.

Social Impact Assement

TLAW works with organizations to help improve program and organization structure, this includes management of operations.