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Throw Like a Woman, Social Impact Services: Advancing Institutional Capacity

Throw Like a Woman is a mission-driven organization. TLAW has tactical approach to serve your organization with planning, social responsibility, cause marketing, data and management services to make your organization a better investment by advancing the mission.


Throw Like a Woman, Social Impact Services supports institutions that advance under-represented and vulnerable populations. TLAW amplifies voices through nonprofit services that are accessible, affordable, and accountable.

TLAW partners with and supports organizational development and advancement from ideation through implementation and improvements to increase impact by building capacity.
TLAW starts with an impact assessment to understand an organization’s needs for growth and creates a customized approach to forward the mission, set SMART objectives, and expand organizational reach.


TLAW offers a variety of adaptable solutions to support your organization or business at a project rate while remaining within your organizations budget.

TLAW is a creative resource for:

  • Virtual planning and events
  • Cause marketing
  • Social responsibility
  • Grant writing
  • Leadership and management development
  • Tactical and strategic planning
  • Board and volunteer training



TLAW has remote services options, use TLAW from any location.

From virtual events to marketing, our nonprofit and management services train organizations to integrate remote and virtual options into plans. TLAW has remote options to fit your organizational needs today and to plan for the future. Let’s plan and implement as a team


TLAW is your partner to forward your organization’s mission. Starting with an assessment to identify true objectives and set priorities, TLAW has a multifaceted approach from ideation to implementation to reevaluation. After creating a plan with you, TLAW does not leave. As a partner, TLAW supports your nonprofit in its execution.


TLAW bridges the gap between nonprofit, business and community and that are mutually beneficial impactful efforts. We are community builders who provide a change of trajectory by providing support, resources and services to increase ROI and reach to demonstrate that a company is a good corporate citizen providing cause marketing, event management and social responsibility services. 


TLAW looks forward to building community with you! Contact us for more information about joining the TLAW TEAM.

Use Throw Like a Woman, Social Impact Services from Philadelphia to Florida:

A partnership with with TLAW is a transformative experience! Our work together has inspired us to get organized and prepare for a better future at Pegasus!

Alex Manwarren, Philadelphia, PA


I’ve interviewed countless consultants over the years, but hired [Throw Like a Woman] on the spot. When we scheduled our initial meeting, I was 2 weeks out from a large event I had been organizing for my nonprofit, The Philadelphia Spin Coalition (SpinCo). Little did I know, that meeting would turn from networking to bringing Lori [CEO] onto our team. The day before our scheduled meeting, we lost our event venue. She not only helped flip an entire event in 2 weeks, but volunteered on-site, at what would be our most successful fundraiser to date! We continue working with [Throw Like a Woman] because of the work ethic and flexibility because as a new business, funds are tight. Turns out, we not only made back every dollar, but tripled our revenue for the year! Lori provided us with the foundation we desperately needed and put in place systems we will never stop using. I’m so blessed to be working with Lori and recommend her to business owners who place priority on giving back and is open to new ideas. When you find the good ones, hold on to them tight. People like Lori are far and few between.

Kelsey Lee, Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Spin Coalition, Founder & Executive Director

Lori (CEO) has always sought to create the most incredible experiences for her clients and colleagues. She consistently went beyond the call of duty in the most professional, efficient and swift manner. It has always been a pleasure to work with Lori!

Tobi Ash, Miami, FL

Student, RN, BSN, MBA, Ph.D., Board Chair