Throw Like a Woman, Social Impact Services (TLAW) launches the “Women with Social Impact,” blog during Women’s Leadership Month. We understand and recognize the achievements of women who include community empowerment and philanthropy as part of their strategy and tactics. We engage with passionate, ambitious and driven change-makers. TLAW communicates the accomplishments of leaders, including nonprofit founders, executive directors and corporate executives who have a vision of leaving the world better through a variety of methods and causes.


A TLAW mission is to be a voice of under-represented populations by supporting unique nonprofits and social enterprises. We have dialogues with women leaders to better understand motivations and qualities that enable impact continually. As a part of Women’s Leadership month, “women with social impact” celebrates inspirational stories of women who use philanthropy as a part of a metric for success. At TLAW, we are moved by community builders and use this platform to share remarkable contributions.